Tuesday, April 2, 2013

same but different

finally got my 2 76 TURBOS side by side


 variety is the spice of life & here is the best of both worlds

the Minerva blue car is a Euro model, the silver car a USA model





  1. awesome cars, i just bought a 930 3,3l too - these cars have power!

  2. Only outward difference looks to be the wheels, what about the internals?

  3. love it all magnus, Ironically I never followed my passion and love for cars after working for a volkswagen garage and then later a dealership as a 17 year old out of high school. I used to watch the owner bring in his vintage 911 turbos a cherry red one and a jet black one and also his 927 I think I may have the model designation wrong but I was in love with them. Those guys at the garage back then made hotrods out of vw beetles used porshe 911 stroker cranks I think and rebored the blocks and did all sorts of mods on vws and incorporated some porche parts. I have headed over to faceboook and liked your page Magnus you inspire me man, I think if I find the money in the future i sure would love to own my first old porche. If you're into healthy food and juice pop by my page and give me a like, Im still in startup mode and need help to scale but you know what Im following some of one my passions which is food and healthy food, have a vision and follow my gut/heart a lot too these days, last 3.5yrs at least of my life, wish I had started much earlier LOL Thanks for the inspiration man blessings to you and your wife and family, keep on following your gut and being a great example for others man, and help anyone you can along the way brother. Visit my pages here :https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yaadijuices-Jamaica/207142496019531 https://www.facebook.com/YaadPot https://twitter.com/YaadPot