Sunday, April 7, 2013

behind the wheel of my new toy

like all new toys ,you have to play with them....

my 76-930 EURO car is no exception,so i hit the crest -ACH & went for a drive..


 feels more resposive & revvy to my 76 US car..




  1. WOW! Magnus MAGNUS!!!! I hope you read this... You have inspired me to acquire a 86 Gambella 944 triple white. I purchased it and drove it home for 2300.00 USD
    No rust no dents its no 911 by any means but it is a Porsche and it will definitely have the clean sleek look of a Magnus Porsche Thank You!! Chad Bird

  2. BTW electric blue is my fav color

  3. Congratulations on your beautiful new project. I have a 240Z in that same color only with 40+ years of wear and patina. I was wondering how those gold PAG wheels would look against its bright blue color. From looking at your turbo 911 its needless to say they make a great pair. One question though, are those the regular PAG wheels or their lightweight counterparts? I am concerned if the lightweight ones can handle the abuse on LA roads.

    Looking forward to seeing your unique touches to this car in the future.