Saturday, November 29, 2014


Last Monday  Alex and Ralph from sharkwerks swung by in their 2008 GT2 on their way to Arizona..

  don't let the shorts and flip flops fool ya :)

these guys know how to drive..

these guys are from the "too much is never enough " school of HP.

this 2008 GT2 now has 775 HP !!

now i often say i am a "less is more " type of guy when it comes to my early cars and HP..

Well after a few runs over the 6 th street bridge -i started to realize these guys may be onto something with this BIG HP thing.

i recall their prior visit in their GT3RS 4.1 was very memorable drive earlier on this year.

having recently spent a few days with the 991 turbo i had become acquainted with how addictive 520 HP could be...

what would an extra 250 HP in a manual 2 wheel drive car be like ?


 much to my surprise Alex asked me if i wanted to keep the GT 2 For a couple of days ?

well he did not have to twist my arm to hard for me to answer YES of course i would love to ..

naturally the first place to go for a shakedown was my favorite road ACH...

NOW 775 HP is well over 3 times the power im used to ,

so i eased into the car gradually ,as i got comfortable and started to explore myself and the cars capabilities as one.

remember the 997 GT2 is the last factory 2 wheel drive Manual Hooligan car :)

as always a stop at NEWCOMBS RANCH is a must...

we even had Thanksgiving dinner there...

keep on climbing higher...

still pulling strong and making HP at over 7000 ft....

so whats it like to drive ?

after a few miles under my belt i was starting to get the hang of 775 HP and decided to turn off the traction control ,

TC has a hard time of putting all the power down to the ground ,with TC off my senses are heightened and my attention highly focused  as hitting the rev limiter at 87 MPH in 2 nd gear and up shifting to 3 rd and repeating as the car steps sideways takes a little easing into :)

by the time i grabbed 4 -check the speed o and realized  i was running out of open road it was time to ease off a bit  :)

over the past 3 days i have put over 500 miles on the car,made many memorable moments and filled the tank up 3 times..

did i mention the car is tuned to run on 100 octane fuel ..

below 4000 RPM the car is a real easy drive,the clutch is manageable and the car shifts effortlessly -its a pleasure to drive in LA Traffic

above 4000RPM the car is real explosive,an addictive sensory blast .


in short its a car that i just wanted to keep on driving...

i spent the past 4 days just driving for the sheer pleasure 

its going to be hard giving this car back :)






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