Wednesday, January 29, 2014

recovered seats

for my current SC hot rod project.....


the old corbeau buckets were looking a little worn & used ,plus i have always liked Tartan inserts.

First step was to remove the cloth seat cover.

 then cut out the centre panels.


 we fused the tartan plaid for a little added strength

 also added some extra foam to the frames.

this will come in handy on the lose long road trips.

then i sewed it all back together.

 these will look great in the car.


  1. They look great. When I saw first picture I wanted to ask where did you go to have them done.. but then realized you don't need to go anywhere. Excellent job.

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  3. Hey Magnus, your seats look awesome!

    Could you please give my the specs of the Tartan you used?
    As I would like to reupholster my 911sc

  4. Hi Magnus

    I´m in the process of doing the same for my sets and doors. Where can I buy this fabric and is it the same quality as original porsche fabric?