Sunday, September 1, 2013

67 S wheel upgrade

i recently aquired a pair of 7R Inspired off set 15 " rims from 

i got them in the RAW unfinished state & decided to do my own finish along with a pair of deep 6 Fuchs to go on the front.

group 4 wheels 7R rim in its RAW finish.........................

next steps are.

1-polished lip

2-glass bead blast

3-tape off-prime-paint-clear coat..

naturally there are more than one way of acheiving a similar look


some people like to send the wheels out to a restorer for this ,

i choose to do it myself... 

next step...... mount Toyo Proxes tires 205/50/15

previously i was running a set up of 5.5 " rims up front & deep six in the rear...with 195/55/15 tires.

the new set up looks visually quite similar ,yet allows me a wider track & wider contact patch with a more aggressive tire 

now the 7R looks like the deep 6 from the outside-the difference is the extra 1" on the inside-naturally this will have an effect once the wheels are mounted on the car !

A 0.5" spacer on the rear solved the tire rubbing on the spring plate issue ...

the 205/ 50/15 series tire size solves any fender lip rubbing issues.

final ride height ,alignment & camber set up will made after the suspension upgrade...........


next up is suspension upgrade....


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