Wednesday, January 9, 2013

72 STR 002 AT REST

72 STR 002 RESTING....


  1. Magnus,
    My name is Sunny Bornfree, a Young Mechanic/Hip-Hop artist from Chicago. I actually dont live to far from you, off of 3rd & Traction. Standing on the roof of my aunties loft I always wondered " who the hell is that ripping through the streets without me trying to race them"?? Shortly into the film Urban Outlaw, I soon realized that it was you. My friend I want you to know that you have been a HUGE inspiration to me. At this moment in my life I was stuck in between the choice of hobby/Passion (Cars) Or career/Passion (music) and you made me realize, not only is it ok to do both, the both go hand in hand with eachother. I love the work that you do, your devotion to your passion, and the way that you stay true to yourself. One day I hope to meet you Magnus, maybe talk cars, and learn something from someone thats been in the game for a while. I truly love what you do, keep up the good work.
    Sunny Bornfree

  2. Completely fan of your cars Magnus. I often find myself looking for a 60's body on the web because of what you made of yours.

    Thanks a lot !