Thursday, November 15, 2012

250,000 views a new milestone for URBAN OUTLAW

OUR URBAN OUTLAW documentary film has passed 250,000 views!

a new milestone for us...& apparently a healthy number of eyeballs for a small indie documentary film

just goes to show you never know where the road will take you.

once again many thanks to Tamir Moscovici & his talented crew..

 plus ALL that have watched & made this possible 






  1. Is that a rear wing I spy on the 277 car in the first pic?

  2. I was blown away by your video man. So much of what you've poured into your loyalty to PORSCHE has truly inspired. I even love how well you combined your fashion sense into your automotive endeavours. I too work in fashion and can definitely appreciate your level of craft and quality consrtuction. I hope our paths cross someday, we have much to talk about. Me in my RX7 and you in your 911...I'm down for some runs througout DTLA.

    -Uche (