Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Stance is everything..............

From our "day in the life" shoot for Total 911.....


  1. I have been a long time gawker and not a real member (I signed up though). If I was today going to purchase a 911, without a warranty of course, what would be your number one suggestion to getting my hands on a 911? I looked into 996's and classic models but not one seems to be sparked with the gift of longevity I would like in a daily driver. Any time you devote to this comment is greatly appreciated.

  2. Look into the 81-83 911sc, great cars, reliability also depends on it's maintanence. Once you do the timing chain upgrades, and a couple of small tweeks, you are in for a whole lot of smiles for miles ! A well trained and long devoted mechanic of 911's is another factor. Someone who eductaes you as repairs are made and the importance of up keep ! Can't go wrong with a 911sc, reliable, dependable and satisfying ! Of course if you intend to drive more than spirited and thrash the car, then obviously performance upgrades are available, the sky is the limit as deep as your pockets can allow !
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  3. don't overlook the 79-80, the entire SC series is a great entry level car!