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Saturday, September 28, 2013

greetings from DTLA

last shot of the day for Australian magazine Smith journal

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Euro porsche tour part 1

bag packed leaving LAX.


my adventure begins 10HRS later in Amsterdam on a Friday morning

i was picked up at the airport by all round cool dude Joost Hermes in his 67 -912 


 a quick bit of tourist type sightseeing was the first call of duty,

not to much time to spend as this trip is a bit like the "national lampoons European vacation"

later on that afternoon we met up with The Dutch man maurice,

and the talented  matthias Hoing -

dutchman maurice..

 after a few hours catching up,it was time to head to Rotterdam

for the 100 porsche car run thru the tunnels & around the city


But first we had a meeting  & interview with a new dutch blog crew site on the SS  Rotterdam  in the harbor.

if you speak or read dutch take a look here...

many thanks to Geert, Martin & Erik

also hooked up with cool Porsche dude Daniel Schafer...

more info on him

 maurices car is looking & driving better than ever...

next up the Rotterdam Porsche dealer ship & the meeting place for the night time Rotterdam run.


 the run through the tunnels and around Rotterdam consisted of almost 100 cars..

 now i always say "dirt does not slow ya down" but i always like

clean windows-gotta see where ya going!!

making new friends on the road.

take a look here..

sure was a fun night.

finally made it to sleep after being up for almost 30 hours!

next morning a saturday was the start of the 2 DAY Dutch Porsche fest,located in Rosmalen about 1.5 hrs south of Amsterdam.....

put on by RS porsche magazine guy Jan de Boer with help from others!

 lots of cool cars inside & out....

a whole lot of late model 964-993-996 -997 cars...


finally met the twin spark racing team-great guys & a good place to get some Urban outlaw gear.

finaly met Marcel from top dog racing -


he had bought my old very early 65-911 tub & had it on display- great to see the old shell once again..

made friends with Nakai san at RWB 

Nakai san is one cool dude & put my Urban Outlaw Sticker on his car.

for more info on RWB go here.


CHECK OUT MIKE SMIT a very inspiring guy  here.. 

i was asked by Jan to do a little meet n greet , i was not sure what to expect !

appears people in the Netherlands wanted to meet me..

a short Tv interview.

meeting the vredestein tire guys..

checking out some new souls for my boots :)


info on the tire guys here.

more meeting new friends...

old friend -maurice the Dutchman.

so that covers the 2 day porsche fest

the next day Monday i got to drive my Buddy Erik Kouwenhoven recently acquired 64-911 race car on the street for the first time in many years...

lets go for a drive......


for more on Erik & his DOG LEG MECHANICS go here. 


many ,many thanks to all that made this trip a whole lot of fun.