Friday, December 13, 2013

the missing piece to my puzzle -just found me

as some of you may know one of my goals was to have 1 of each year 911 from the years 64-73...

well after i found my 64-911 a few years back ,i shifted my focus to chasing early 3.0 liter Turbos & stopped chasing the one missing year i had yet to own -the 73-911..


sometimes when you stop chasing something -it just pops up !


 thru my buddy Jon ,a numbers matching lifelong California 73.5 CIS T just happened to find me !

not Necessarily the car i would have chased ,yet the 73.5 CIS T is quite a rare US only car & the forerunner to the 2.7 motor that came in the G body cars of 74-77.....

so now my 64-73 jigsaw puzzle is complete...

i just put 125 miles on the car driving it back to LA.

the car ran great ,espically as it had sat for some time

not too sure what i am going to do to  it just yet.......

only time will tell.........


  1. Had a 1973.5 CIS T when I was 16 (1986). Never knew how rare the car was. Gone now but never forgotten. Hope to track it down one day and buy it back. Careful with the front bumperettes, my friends dad stepped down on ours and ripped it. Not very strong at all. Have fun. At high speeds, the speedometer would bounce all over. Never really knew how fast we were going. ;<) The most fun car I ever got to drive for a brief time in my life.

  2. I dare you to leave the centre caps in place :)

  3. Brilliant plates! I'd replace the tires for something lower. Immediately.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Jon... As in our mutual friend Jon Small? (longhoodranch). He and I are family friends, grew up in Sheridan, WY. He has quite the collection.

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